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Walk-Ins Welcome • No Appointments Needed
Same Day Appointments Welcome

When you’re in pain, you want help now. That’s why walk-ins are always welcome at San Francisco Urgent Dental Care.

Don’t have time to wait? Because we understand that your time is valuable, we also offer same day appointments. Our staff is standing by now to take your call.

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Advanced Emergency Treatment
for All Dental Emergencies

You expect and deserve the best. And that’s what you’ll get at San Francisco Urgent Dental Care. Our highly skilled dentists and full service dental clinic are equiped to handle any urgent dental emergency. If you need follow up care, we’ll see you through it all!

Why Us?

Is itbecause the professionals and staff have wonderful personalities, or the dentists can provide you with pretty teeth? Why do you need a good physician or dentist? The health care providers are there to keep you free from disease and give you the foundation for a long and healthy life. Do personalities and pretty teeth achieve that goal? I don't think so! What advice might I possibly give to any potential patient that would provide a pathtoward that goal?

The patient's selection should begin with an interview and evaluation of the doctor and his office. It is important for the patient to understand the doctor's philosophy in providing dental care. Ultimately a successful long term relationship will depend on the dentist's ability to diagnose and correct the patient's problems. We understand the patient's reality and needs; thus establishing a bond that produces a success for both parties. Many dentists are adept in providing care for cavities; but there are a special number among them who have developed the skill with time, to wisely provide full dental care that begins with the ability to diagnose their needs.

Remember the patient is ultimately paying the professional for a service and not a product. What you might call a product is a beautiful smile that had its beginning when the patient understood that his or her dentist would always provide total dental care; because the dentist knew how to diagnose his patient's needs.